Code of conduct

Policies and Practicies


Business conducted with absolute integrity

The Lemco Précison SA code of conduct, hereinafter Lemco Précision, governs the standards governing the conduct of our daily activities, which are essential for the smooth running of business, while respecting our corporate vision, our mission, our values, our principles and our commitments.

Working with integrity is the common thread of our activity, both with regard to our employees to guarantee their development, and to our suppliers and partners, who have trusted us for generations and towards shareholders investing in the company.

This philosophy is reflected in all areas of our business and concerns all parties working with us.

Our code of conduct specifies the legal responsibilities to which we are subject as a company, such as compliance with the provisions of labor law, protection of the health and safety of our employees. It also frames our ethical responsibility because we firmly believe that economic, social and ecological issues are not conflicting points.

The Lemco Precision code of conduct applies to all our employees without distinction of their hierarchical level in the company because we are all bound to respect rules and to have an ethical attitude. Neither our senior executives, nor the members of the board of directors, can derogate from it because we are committed to leading by example.

Because respect and transparency are essential to any successful communication, we provide accurate and relevant information, in a timely manner.

In addition to our employees, any person or company working or having to work with Lemco Precision, is also invited to respect our code of conduct, in particular rules applying directly to them.

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